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I have been involved in photography for 50 years. When I was 10 years old I wandered into my fathers darkroom and never left. By the time I was 13 I knew that photography would be my life's work. I love to make images of all subjects from interiors, such as my Broadway or artist projects, to my landscape photographs that celebrate nature. Since I mostly hike and photograph  for a living, I'd say my years in photograph have worked out quite well. I have 4 published books and many photographs hanging all over the Bay Area. I specialize in panoramic photography and have used many cameras from the turn of the century Kodaks to modern day digital cameras. I miss my old cameras, after giving up film several years ago, but the digital world has been good for my work. The quality of my photographic work is the best I have ever been able to produce. I can capture what I see and feel and create stunning images like never before. I really appreciate the control I have over everything I do. It's a great time to be involved in photography. I am a fine art photographer trained in drawing and printmaking. I have studied art and nature for most of my life. I make my living selling my photographs so check out my books and website and contact me if you would like to purchase some of my art. My prints range in size from 24 inches long to many feet. Large scale panoramic photographs are my specialty. I hope you enjoy looking  at my photographs. Email me with your questions.