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Mount Diablo

Mount Diablo From Shell Ridge #608

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My Mount Diablo photographs cover about 85,000 acres. The mountain is located in central Contra County County

in the San Fransisco Bay area. I have been making images of the mountain since 1984. It is my favorite landscape to

photograph. The diversity of the mountain is fantastic. As you move around  Mt. Diablo and move up in elevation,

the landscape changes drastically. I never get tired of photographing this diverse landscape. Even after 30 years of

hiking the mountain, I keep finding new views to capture. I have used many cameras over the years from 100 year

old Kodak panorama cameras to the newest digital DSLR's. Check out my Diablo gallery and see my favorite place

on earth. My book "Mount Diablo, The Extraordinary Life and Landscape of a California Treasure" can be seen on

my book page. It is a selection of 30 years of my work on the mountain. If you have never been to Mt. Diablo you

can view the State Park website here.